HYDROFIB Technologies propose a wide range of mulch products

produced and tested following internationally renowned standards of the hydroseeding and hydromulching sector, your warranty for composition and performance.

1. A range of Hydroseeding products


1.1 Pure Monofibre or blended mulches
cellulose, wood etc

1.2 Mulch with the incorporation of colloidal additives
guar, PAM etc

1.3 Fibre Matrixes
following international standard
BFM « Bonded Fibre Matrix »
EFM « Engineered Fibre Matrix »
FGM « Flexible Growth Medium »
FRM « Fibre Reinforced Matrix »

2. A range of hydrocover products

ADLC Alternative Daily Landfill Cover – The economically viable alternative that optimizes and extends landfill lifetime and at the meantime respects the reglementary restrictions

HYDROFIB Technologies offers you the unique possibility to produce and pack products under your own brand

which allows you to protect your market by a registered trade mark or through a specific patent.


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